Thursday, March 13, 2014

Workout Scares

We've all had those moments when we are running in the morning when it's still dark (or not), running on a trail, or headed to a workout location when we get scared out of our mind. Well, that happened yesterday morning to my friend and I as we walked, in the dark, to the high school across the street for our morning cardio/strength routine. We were walking along talking, like we always do on Wednesday mornings. We crossed the street to where the high school was. The baseball fields are on our left and we heard someone moaning or mumbling or making strange noises. With the time change, it is pitch black. She and I looked at each other and without saying a word started booking it. We sprinted so fast to the opposite side of the school where the bleachers and football field are located. Not really sure that would have helped us as it only got darker the closer we got to the football field! We noticed our other morning crazies were in the lit parking lot above so we ran all the way up the hill to where they were. We felt safe up there. My heart rate was through the roof! I started laughing, when we calmed down a bit, that I was now in my fat burning zone. We determined that in the fight or flight scenario, there is no question, we are in the flight category! Those workout scares really get the adrenaline going and blood pumping.

We ran some laps around the parking lot and then took ourselves back down to the football field where I normally lead our group in a series of cardio and strength training exercises. We've done everything from HIIT, Tabata, bleachers (when it's light in the morning), body weight strength moves, jump rope routines, and hand weight routines. Yesterday I included a 2 minute plank routine that we did twice through. I can really feel it this morning. Here's the sequence we performed:

:30 straight plank
:30 right side plank
:30 left side plank
:30 push ups

Try repeating this 3 times for a really great burn.

I love HIIT training and try to incorporate that into every Wednesday morning routine. By alternating high intensity cardio with dynamic strength exercises we usually leave feeling like we've got a great workout in by 7am.

Do you have any scares during your workouts? I'd be interested to hear about them.

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