Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mid-Week Check-In

It's Wednesday and that can mean you start running out of motivation to finish off the week strong in your exercise and nutritional goals. We all start out reading Motivational Monday quotes and spent some time thinking about our week long plans and goals and perhaps even the small steps we need to take to meet those goals.

Here's a little sentence that can help you in achieving those weekly goals you set out to do. I did not come up with this. I heard it in a talk and liked it so much it has stuck with me. You can use it in so many areas of your life, including exercise and nutrition. It is this:

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Part of my Sunday afternoons are spent reviewing that weeks goals and habits I wanted to work on. I record what worked, what didn't , how well I did each day, and so on. I also use that time to write each of the next weeks goals and habits I want to work on. Tweak what didn't work the week before, etc. I make sure dinners are planned out and workouts scheduled, e-mails sent to those who want to come with me, and all the other everyday activities that keep everyone busy.

Here are some ways to stay motivated through the week to finish what you were so encouraged to do at the start of the week.

1. WRITE IT DOWN: Not just write it down, look at it morning and night. Ingrain the goals in your mind.
2. CHECK IT OFF: Each night as you read the goals you've written down put a check mark next to that item if you did it that day. You will be surprised at how satisfying a check mark can be.
3. POSITIVE SELF AFFIRMATION: Sometimes you just need to talk to yourself and remind you of how strong and how much will power you actually do have. If you find yourself saying you want to skip out on a workout or you really want that second helping (no matter how healthy-watch portions, too), just remind yourself of what your goals are and what you want for yourself. What is more important to you in the long run?
4. QUOTES: Re-read those Monday Motivation quotes. Maybe you have them in the pantry or refrigerator for those really tough times. Keep them by your bed to read or put them on your phone so every time you turn it on you will have a reminder of why you have the goals you set.

Perhaps you will get yourself re-motivated this week!
What do you do to stay focused and motivated to meet those goals?

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