Monday, March 17, 2014

5 Mile Monday Thoughts

This morning I met with a few running friends for our typical Monday morning run. We have a few routes to choose from depending on how far we want to go that morning. We each have one hour before we have to get back to our homes and get kids ready for school. That means we run at least 3 miles and up to 5 miles.
As I was running this morning thinking about the 5 miles that lay ahead (we've been running 3-4 miles for the last few winter months because it's cold at 6am!) I was getting into the mindset I knew I needed to be in. We are not training for any races, we aren't trying to break any records, and right now we get together for Sanity Power Hour, as I lovingly refer to my 5:30-7:00am hours. We speak openly and candidly with one another. We share our highs and lows, our pains and frustrations, our Ah-ha moments, our moments where we felt we did something right, and so much more. Nothing, really, is a banned subject with this tight group of girls. Do you have a tight group like this you run or workout with?

The 5 miles this morning really awakened my soul and brought me to a time when I was running 20-30 miles each week. It was been warming up here during the day and warm sunshine, as opposed to the cold sunshine, really has given me motivation to get my miles back up. There is something about the warm sun rays that make you feel alive and energized. As a mom of 3 small, but growing, children it takes extra planning to coordinate a schedule that works well to get in that workout-whatever it may be. As I look forward to increasing my miles and my activity level, I also have to consider my husband's schedule in the morning and children's activities and school schedule. It can be easy to make an excuse not to exercise. It's not convenient when you are being pulled different directions, it's too cold, you're too tired, the list goes on and on. Don't take the path of least resistance. When you forge through the the planning and scheduling you will be that much more proud of yourself for taking the time for you. It is time for you. It is time for you to feel good about yourself. Take control of your exercise schedule.

My husband and I often remind each other that we make time for the things we really want. We go through trials where we need that reminder. We can sit and complain about how hard it is to get something done or we can do it. We have enough time for those things that truly matter and make positive changes in our lives. Everything else will fall into place.

5 miles provides several minutes of great thoughts to scroll through your mind. It is the best stress reliever!

This is just one run of thoughts.
What do you sometimes think about when you exercise?

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