Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FITting a Workout In With Kids

A few weeks ago I began hiking St. Joseph's hill with the little guy on my back in the hiking backpack. It is such a good workout, I did it three times in one week. One of my running friends said she would like to hike it with me. So today was our first day out together hiking the hill. She hiked to the top with little guy on her back and we switched so I got him on the way down. The extra weight on your back as you hike makes such a difference in the intensity of the workout. We marched up that hillside at a pretty good pace.

I hope to be back there Friday morning doing the same thing. The weather has been a little warmer here and that always energizes me. I might be addicted to the feeling of working out...it's such a great feeling. I like to keep moving throughout the day.

FITting your workout in with little children can be challenging. It can be done. Search Craigslist or go to a camping store or online and find a backpack or jogging stroller to pack the little one in. They love the outdoors. When my kids were babies we would use the plastic links to hook toys onto the straps so the kids could play with toys while hiking along. My little guy now is content without the toys on the way up, but the way down he gets antsy, so I pull out his toy cars and he vrooms those cars all around his seat way up high on my back. Something about being outside makes little ones content and mellow. We play I Spy when they are older, count the birds in the sky, or look for lizards to help keep them occupied as they do sometimes want down.

Find a hiking trail near you or a jogging/bike path and do what you can to get out with your children. They will see how important it is to be active and how good you feel after you've got your workout in. I tell my children, "Mom is so much nicer and more patient if she gets this workout in. I will have more energy to play and care for you." My kids respond well if they know they benefit from it, too. I have jogged with a double stroller while keeping up with the older child on a bike. I have jogged next to my little one while he rides his scooter. (He's actually very fast!)

FITting a workout in at home is as easy as a workout DVD or even youtube! You can search podcasts as well that take you through workouts. I have done a cycling podcast before. There are lots of yoga podcasts that will take you through a yoga session. Your local library might have some decent workout videos as well. The possibilities from home are endless.

FIT your workout in today no matter what you think is holding you back. No excuses.
What are some workouts you have done with your children?

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