Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rainy Day Workout

We knew rain was in for the forecast, but the chance was slim at 6am this morning. After our
1/2 mile warm up 
around the high school track, we began our 2min. x 3 plank series.

:30 straight plank
:30 R side plank
:30 L side plank
:30 plank jacks

After that intense series we began our high intensity workout. It was good we worked fast because half way through this series the rain began to fall. 

sumo squats
50 jumping jack
regular squats
50 jumping jacks
alternating lunges
:30 high knees
push ups
lunge jumps
10 burpees with a plank jack
1:00 mountain climbers

                         We finished off with a 
1/2 mile
Cool down.                                 
Our last lap around the track was quite wet. The rain in the face was actually quite refreshing and I certainly didn't mind the slightly warmer temperatures with the cloud cover.
I wouldn't have missed this workout because yesterday was super busy and FITting a workout in was tough. Some small ab work throughout the day had to suffice, but I seriously love the cardio endorphines and my kids benefit from the good mood, too. Win-Win! 

No go workout!

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