Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Toning Shoes: It's Your Call

USA Today had this article about the phenom toning shoe. The question about whether or not the shoes work is your call. USA Today does a great job exploring the myths and truths about the shoe. After reading reviews about the different toning shoes, I would say the consumer consensus is mixed. Some say they feel like they did just work out after taking them off at the end of a day. Others say they just like them and don't notice any "toning" going on.

I have never tried a toning shoe and have never believed in the marketing ploy to keep people out of a gym or other type of workout---we all know that just does not work!
In the article one women said she was walking, rolled funny and sprained her ankle within 20 minutes of wearing the shoe. I would submit that this can happen in any shoe and is not "toning" shoe specific.

Bottom line (in my opinion): don't trade in your gym membership for a pair of these shoes.

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