Monday, July 26, 2010

Motivation Monday

Where has FITting it in been? I've been traveling like a crazy mama, enjoying the summer swimming with children, celebrating holidays and birthdays, and neglecting this blog. So for those of my faithful followers I will post until Wednesday of this week and then be out of town for yet another week. I will resume my blog updates when I return. School will be close to starting and I will be on more of a schedule than the wonderful days of summer allow.

On to the motivation for staying FIT...
Sometime when people are trying to stay FIT it is at the forefront of their mind AT ALL TIMES. This can drive a person to eat unhealthy because of the stress it causes them. Take a step back and relax. When it is time to eat, make it healthy. Exercise daily and make it count. Do those things and the rest of the time put it out of your mind and go through your day. Being FIT is a lifestyle, but it doesn't have to be metally all consuming. Planning is a great way to keep it that way. Plan your meals, snacks, drink lots and lots of water each day, exercise daily. There's time for other things in between all of that like work and play. Be FIT, stay FIT, and have time and energy for so much more.

GOAL: Keep things simple. Plan simple, healthy meals. Set aside time each day for exercise. The rest of the time do what you need/want to. It can be a challenge but find the "balance" that's right for you.

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