Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Commitment to Change

Last month Success Magazine was chalk full of wonderful articles related to health and well-being. One article I wanted to share with you was about the philosphies of Chris Freytag. She is the woman behind Motivating Bodies. She has an impressive background with many books under her belt and is certified in just about everything fitness. (My dream!!!)

I thought I'd share with you her 3 C's to "Real Results"
1. Commitment: "Let your loved ones know what you are going to do so they can help you and encourage you."  (My comment: How many times have I written about that one on this blog? I have back-up now!)

2. Convenience: "You have to find a program that is convenient...It has to be close by. It has to be easy for you to get there and do it. It has to be something you kind of like or maybe a friend goes with you." (My comment: For this time in my life I am motivated in my home without a gym membership. A full cardio workout is doable, but you have to be creative. I do get strength training in daily. It is not necessary to have a gym, but you have to be motivated in the comfort of your home to get moving while you're there!)

3. Consistency: "You ahve to do it all the time. You can't just work out once every two months and expect a change. That's just common sense..." (My comment: This is true. Consistency is key. Remember my post on getting back on the bandwagon?)

You can buy back issues from Success Magazine. I would recommend this one. Filled with lots of motivation to have a healthy, FIT lifestyle. You won't regret making time for FITness and good nutrition!

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