Monday, May 3, 2010

Motivation Monday

I'm back with a little Motivtion to keep on FITting it in this week!

Nothing motivates better than swimsuit season, right people?! The thought of going to the pool all summer long in that swimsuit can make a person cringe. Here's what you are going to do this week: HANG UP THAT SWIMSUIT IN YOUR CLOSET SO YOU KEEP ON SEEING IT. This will force you to make time to FIT it in.

You've got about a month before pool season is in full swing! In 4 weeks of hard core FITting it in, you will look stunning at the pool. One of the best compliments I have gotten happened in my bathing suit. I was at the pool where I take my kids daily during the summer and another lady I knew there said, "You have a body of a model!" You too can get compliments like that if you FIT it in. I don't mention that because I necessarily think so, but it did make my day..well, summer!!

When I get my Fitness Magazine or SELF magazine or any other magazine I subscribe to, I rip out the workout they provide and do them. I keep the ones I like and toss the others. Below are links to the workout I've enjoyed the most:

Get a WOW Booty Now
Love you Lower Body
Boost Energy, Blast Fat!
Firm Flat Abs Fast!

Just a few of the 50 workouts I have covering my desk! I love them and I think you will too.
GOAL: Pick one of these and do it today! Most of them consist of 5 moves and 8-15 reps each. You DO have time for that!

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