Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Live the Life

Today my subject to blog on is Living the Life you want to live.

My husband and I were talking last night and he told me, "I just feel like I'm falling apart physically. They say when you reach 30 things seem to go downhill. They're not kidding. I thought it would be gradual, not like a bus hit you!" (I added some of those words myself, but that is basically what he told me.) In response I said, "Well I turn 30 this year, I hope that doesn't happen to me!"

The truth is, I don't think it will happen to me because I do pay careful attention to my diet and exercise. I make sure to FIT both of those things in on a daily basis. It is a lifestyle for me and I'm living that life I want to live.

On this Giveaway website they are offering a 12-Week program from Live the Life.
Live the Life has a free trial offer for 1 week. Click here to sign up.
I am not recommending every diet site I can find. I do not believe in diet pills or anything that suggests losing an extreme amount of weight in a day or week. (Have you read about any of that stuff here? Didn't think so, because it DOESN'T WORK!)
I am for eating healthy and exercising. That is the one true way to lose weight, get FIT, and have the energy you want to have. Off the soapbox...

Live the Life will give you a menu for the day and an exercise routine for the day. I am not advocating signing up for the full 12-week program, but try it out for a week. See the difference and pay attention to the way you feel. I've watched the videos they put out and I agree with their 7 ways to increase metabolism.

You can enter the giveaway to try for a 12 week program and sign up for the free 7-day program.
Who knows, you might be hooked on eating healthy and exercising.
Looking and feeling great is not a quick thing, it takes time, but it does happen!

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