Thursday, May 6, 2010

Face Exercises or Laughter Workout: you be the judge!

My husband (yes, I know I refer to him a lot, but he's a source of great information and stories!) was with his family last week and his brother showed him the seriously funniest thing I have ever in my life seen. You can watch the video below. When he showed this to me last night I thought I was going to wake up the entire neighborhood with how loud and hard I was laughing. So here's your calorie burn for the day!

WARNING: I am NOT liable for any accident that may occur from falling off of your chair or accidents related to messes or any other thing that might happen in your uncontrollable state. Watch and you'll see.

Thoughts about the video: notice the "dr." is not mentioned by name, she is wearing a leotard to do FACE exercises!, and I think she really does believe in her face workout. I don't know HOW in the world she got through making the video, I barely got through watching it!

Now that you've watched the absolute funniest thing EVER... (why have I never seen this on America's Funniest Videos?) GO DO SOME REAL EXERCISES!

P.S. Thanks Brody for the great ab workout I got watching this...the lady's face kept coming in my head all day and I would just start busting up thinking about it!

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