Friday, April 2, 2010

Walking It Off

Aim for a minimum of 45 minutes of walking a day for a week. Make this your goal next week. The weather should be getting nicer everywhere! I know it is here.

Walking is amazing exercise all by itself, but Fitness Magazine has this really great Walking Workout that I'm going to be doing. Embarrased by looking weird at those that pass you? Don't be, you'll have the greatest looking arms and they'll be jealous and possibly ask you what you are doing! HA!

No weights are needed to do the exercises, just ball your hands in a fist.
(all pictures below are from Fitness Magazine)

While you are walking you will be doing the:
upright row:
Starting with hands by your thighs, palms facing you, bring your hands into a fist. Pull your arms up and out as shown. Stop at shoulder height and squeeze your shoulders back. Keep your tummy tucked in. go back to starting position. Do 25 reps of these WHILE CONTINUING TO WALK.

chest press: this is a great one ladies! Start with your arms straight down at your side, palms forward hand either open or in a fist. Bring your arms straight up in front of you while tightening your abs. Bring your pinkies together and squeeze your chest. Do 25 reps. Go back to starting position.

lateral press: another great one! You'll feel this one in your shoulders and triceps (the back of your arms). Start out like the girl in the picture. Arms out to the sides palms facing in (behind you), keeping your upper arm fixed swing the wrist down (bending at the elbow) until it is perpendicular with the ground and swing them back up squeezing those triceps. Do 25 reps and you'll really feel this one.

and the one arm reverse fly: You are going to work one arm at a time with this exercise so don't forget to switch. You will complete 25 reps per arms. Put your left hand on your hip and your right hand in a fist on top of it. Your right arm will be across your body. Raise your right arm straight across and up ending slightly above your right shoulder, like the girl in the picture. Go back to starting position for your next rep. Once complete, do the same thing with your right hand on your hip and your left arm doing the reverse fly exercise.
So I just did the chest press exercise and I'm already feeling it. It feels like I did a few sets of push-ups. I just love that feeling!

Okay, now I've got myself all excited about walking, I might have to start this afternoon and let the kids run wild at the park while I complete laps in a circle around them.

Quick tip: You might need to make a little cheat sheet for yourself if you need reminders on the exercises at first. You'll start to remember it quickly.

Have a Happy Easter!
I'll see you back on Monday for Motivation Monday!

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