Thursday, April 1, 2010

Healthy Family

A while ago I spoke to a group of women concerning healthy snacks and ideas for healthy meals including time saving tips. I love doing that sort of activity.

While researching some topics I could gear towards the demographics of this group, I found that the USDA website had a plethera of information that is very useful.

Today my purpose for introducing you to the website is for this page. is an incredibly useful tool for getting your whole family on board with eating healthy. Everything from tracking your food intake to activities, snacks, and ideas to help your littlest members of the family be involved in meal. There is even a menu planner. I could go on for days about the wonders of this website.

Today I'm going to focus on their- 
                                                         Tips for setting a good example:

• Eat together. Eat meals with your child whenever possible. Let your child see you enjoying fruits, vegetables and whole grains at meals and snacks.

• Take it with you. Show your child how to make healthy choices when you are on the run. Put oranges, bananas, or other fruits in your bag for quick snacks. Let your child see that you like to munch on raw vegetables.

• Share the adventure. Be willing to try new foods, and try new foods together.

• Cook together. Encourage your preschooler to help you prepare meals and snacks. Teach your child to tear lettuce or add veggie toppings to pizza. Cooking together can mean more “mommy (or daddy) and me” time on busy days.

• Keep things positive. Discourage older children and other family members from making yucky faces or negative comments about unfamiliar foods.

• Set a good example for physical activity, too. Make play time a family time. Walk, run, and play with your child rather than sitting on the sidelines.

This is where it all begins-with you!

In my family I have tried to be a good example of all of these things. My children have learned an awful lot about living a healthy lifestyle. One night my husband and I were talking and he said, "You know how I explain the stock market to you and you don't really get it? Well, that's me with nutrition." That helped me put his non-understanding of nutrtion into perspective. I am working with him teaching him what food he needs to cut out and why. It is a process, but I think it's a fun one!

GOAL: 1 minute of high knees. 3 sets of 15 push-ups, 3 sets of 15 abdominals, bridge exercises.

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