Monday, April 5, 2010

Motivation Monday


Setting small goals is essential in working toward an end goal. If you do not set small goals you may get overwhelmed and give up on the whole making it all the way thing.

Once you make smaller goals that build upon one another towards your end goal you need to learn to be flexible. Certainly make deadlines and when you make those you will feel great. If you for one reason or another cannot make those goals pay attention to how you respond. Continue to be positive and work until you do make your goal.

Make sure your goals are realistic. Be real about yourself. If you create goals that are unrealistic, like I'm going to run 3 miles tomorrow even though I haven't run in 5 years, or ever, you are not going to succeed and you will get discouraged quickly.

I am all about the lists and setting goals and feel satisfaction when I can cross something off. It makes me feel productive and worthwhile. I suggest getting a little pocket notebook and writing things down as you think of them. We all know things come and go from our busy minds so quickly. Of course I also have little rewards when I've accomplished a goal of mine. Who doesn't love a little pampering, time alone, or something new to encourage them to keep going towards a goal?

I have an end goal to run a 1/2 marathon and the end date is next spring. My little goals consist of working out everyday. Running a certain amount of miles each week along with cross training. Obviously they are more detailed than that, but you get the idea. I'm giving myself some time and in the meantime working on goals I KNOW I can accomplish in the meantime.

Remeber you GOAL for this week? Start tomorrow if you didn't today. Drop me a note, I'm curious to know how you like it. Leave a comment and encourage someone else!

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