Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Salt: To shake or not to shake?

My husband is the King of adding salt to everything...EVERYTHING...even before tasting it. I didn't grow up that way and I like my green beans without anything on them. I like their natural flavor. Call me crazy, I love just about any veggie in it's natural or steamed state.

I'm always on his case about how he needs to reduce his salt intake especially because he does eat out a lot with the job he is employed. I keep telling him he's going to have high blood pressure and he keeps telling me that he doesn't want a goiter. He spent a couple of years in the Phillipines and has seen a goiter or two in his days...I don't want one either. The iodine in our salt helps prevent goiters, but it's his favorite excuse.

So yesterday he sent me an article he found in USA Today all about salt and what is trying to be done to lower salt amounts in food. Click here to read or skim over it.

My stance on salt is the same, less is better. I'm pretty sure my husband's stance is still the same as well, salt it without trying it.

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  1. Kari!!!! I love this website, I have been really trying to help our whole family eat better...we majorly fell of the bandwagon after Halle was born so I am LOVING all of your tips. Plus I can totally hear your voice as I read you are so AWESOME! Love you friend, thank you for sharing your knowledge!


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