Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Full?

Sometimes stopping yourself from eating a really delicious meal can take some extra self-control. How full do you feel after your meals?

Some say the best place to be is still slightly hungry to just feeling full. Did you know...it takes about 20 minutes for you to feel all that you've eaten? 20 minutes after you've finished your meal you'll begin to feel just right. Eating yourself to fullness or beyond will cause you to feel a lot of discomfort 20 minutes in the future.

I am NOT a fan of that over-full feeling. It feels yucky, heavy, and just unhealthy. I like to leave myself feeling just slightly like I could eat a few more spoonfulls. Stopping yourself from eating those spoonfulls will come with your ability to control you appetite.

One of my favorite teachers at SDSU was one a dietician. She said she wasn't very good at it because she would get frustrated and tell people to just "PUT THE FORK DOWN!" Her voice is in my head when I think, oh just another spoonfull. I have to laugh because it's true...just put the fork down. So simple, and yet sometimes so hard. But the results will show in your mood, energy, and satisfaction with your eating habits.

GOAL: Really learn to pay attention to your body. Listen to your stomach, listen to your muscles, listen to your heart. Being in tune with your body will let you know what is right for it. Discern between what you think you want and what your body really needs. This is a powerful tool.

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