Monday, April 19, 2010

Motivation Monday

Nothin' like a good weekend break!
Tons of yard work, sewing, and hangin' out with the fam!

After a long weekend, how do you re-motivate yourself? I'd like to know.

Here's my advice: It is never an option to opt out of FITNESS. It is essential to your health, both physical and mental and perhaps spiritual. Whatever your method of FITness, choose to do it regularly, consistently, and give it your best each time.

Getting in a workout slump can be hard to get out of.

TIP: Keep a notebook recording how you feel before and after each workout. Choose to re-read your journal entries to remember the adrenaline rush, the feel of success, and the reward for a good workout. It will motivate yourself to get back on track. You can use a stack of notecards hole punched and held together with a ring, or you can purchase one of the jounals below.

GOAL: Start your workout journal. Get out of a slump. Do a workout you know you love. Spend an hour a day working out one way or another. You know you want to, just FIT it in!


  1. I found a website I LOVE where I can track my nutrition and exercise. The website is It's FREE, and you can keep track of your calorie intake, and calories burned while exercising. It's great!

  2. Thank you so much for finding this and telling me about it! I'll have to look at it and post about it.


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