Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Fitness Pal

A big thank you to one of our readers, Cami, for introducing me to My Fitness Pal. What a great website.
The food diary is fast, easy, and very non-confusing. It does the weight loss, weight maintenance calculations for you at sign-up. It recommends how often and long you should workout, how many calories you should burn. It really is a great site.

If you are looking for weight loss, they have weight loss badges and tickers you can add to your blog.
There is even an iphone app for this program. There is an exercise catalog that I don't find incredibly helpful, but if you are at a loss for what exercise to do or want to try something new you can go here to find it.

Go to you MY HOME page and there you will find your personal fitness blog where you can track you progress. You can opt to have your updates posted right to Facebook or Twitter. Keeping a healthy diet and exercise program is easier when you have a community with which to motivate and share your expriences with one another. You can invite your friends to join you, too!

There is a place to record your measurements of neck, waist, hips, and of course, your weight. There is a goal tracker that lets you know where you are at in your meeting your goal. This is a fantastic place to record all of your nutrition/exericse information.

This is a 100% FREE membership and you get everything.

I'm trying it out to see how I like it long-term. I'll let you know!

TIP: Add it to your favorites bar for easy access to this website and to remember to go there to help you along on your weight loss/maintenance program.

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  1. I started this yesterday and I LOVE it! It is very motivating for me to eat right. Having to look at what I eat in writing makes me accountable, and it really helps me eat the right foods. Thank you!


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