Friday, April 16, 2010


You know how I exercised today? Not with weights, a video, a run outside, or a bike ride, nope none of these.

HOUSE CLEANING, yep, that's it. You can burn a lot of calories scrubbing your abode. Today I scrubbed mirrors, windows, baseboards, counters, the stove, the sink, and did dishes all throughout the day. You work just about every muscle group doing housework.

Your arms, legs, back, and shoulders will begin to burn washing windows and mirrors. Crouching down to scrub those baseboard will work your back and legs. Remember to stretch out those muscles when you are done. It feels so good.

When your house is in order, your finances are in order, and your body is in order, life is good. It just feels good to have things in order.

Get your sweat on this weekend by scrubbing down your house! You'll feel great all around.

See you on Monday for another Motivation Monday! Have a great weekend and make your house sparkle.

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