Monday, April 12, 2010

Motivation Monday

It's Monday again! Time to get your pumped up for another week of FITness.

How long have you done the same routine? Are you getting bored with it? You are more likely to stay motivated if you switch it up a bit. Don't go into the new "routine" blindly. Still have a plan, just make multiple plans. Rotate through them to keep you excited and energized and of course motivated to keep finding time to FIT it in.

Pick a different cardio option: running, walking on an incline or faster, bike. If you go to a gym, try a new weight machine, or new weight training routine.

One of my favorite things to do at a gym is trying new classes. Different instructors teach differently and attending different classes get you excited to try something new.

Perhaps you don't attend a gym, switch up your scenery. If you do only videos, move your workout outside. Join a group that works out outside.

Just last Thursday I was at a park and a bunch, I mean a WHOLE LOT, of people came out to do yoga, running group, and walking group. I even saw at a different park a group of just 3 moms and their kids doing exercises together with just a few pieces of equipment.

It doesn't take much to switch it up. Find out what works for you and let us know how you switched up your "routine" to work for you!

Now get down and give me 20. 20 squats that is! Then do 2 more sets throughout the day.

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