Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food Prep Habits

Having a good routine when you buy and bring home your groceries will help you consume all those HEALTHY groceries you buy.

I have a few kitchen tips that perhaps you might find handy.

1. Brown turkey burger ahead of time: I buy my turkey burger in bulk, brown it and bag it in portions that are realistic for my family. When I thaw the turkey burger I can season it appropriately for the dinner I'm making OR I season it ahead of time and freeze it. For example: Tacos-season with taco seasoning and freeze.

2. Grapes: I think I've mentioned this before, but it's one of my favs! Right when you bring the grapes home pick all the grapes off the stem, wash/rinse, and store in a baggy OPENED in the refridgerator. You can reach right in and grab a handful. So quick and easy.

3. Menu: at the beginning of the week or on your shopping day, plan a menu. This helps you create healthy meals that provide a little of all the necessary nutritients you need. I do this mostly for dinners because that time of day, we all know, is CRAZY! I have a pad of paper that is divided by each day of the week. I just jot down what I want for dinner each day of the week. This also prevents last minute runs to the grocery store when you are in need of something-nobody likes to do that!

4. My favorite meal book: "Don't Panic Dinners In The Freezer" This provides numerous meals that you can make in large quantities and store in the freezer. It give great butcher tips for meats, it multiplies the recipe out for you in 3 different quantities, and even provides breakfasts, sides, beverages, and desserts along with main dishes. Take one day a month and prepare meals for the next month! My family has benefited from this book over and over again. Just remember to pull the meal the night before to thaw and add a side of veggies, fruits, salad, or all of the above! This is also fantastic for those busy, busy families and will help you incorporate family dinner time into your schedule.

5.  Celery sticks: right when you get home from the grocery store with your celery wash and cut it into sticks. Store in an airtight container in your refridgerator. They are ready to go for meals or snacks. Very helpful and a great time saver.

Those are my top five kitchen time saving, food prepping tips to help you have healthy meals.
What are your favorite time saving tips?
NOW, go scrub down the kitchen or get on your hands and knees and wash the kitchen floor for some serious calorie burning! You know you've put it off, now you have an excuse to go do it!

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