Thursday, March 18, 2010

Workin' Out Old School

Buns of Steel and Sweatin' to the Oldies: classic workouts. Remember these? I still remember my mom sweatin' to the oldies. It was fun as a kid to join in, too. My kids join in with me now.

Workout videos have come a long way. No more leg warmers or body suits. Now it's, well, a lot of skin.

A few years ago I got Yourself Fitness for xBox. I still love it. You can up the intensity, you can set goals, it gives you a menu and the calorie breakdown, you can tell the game what equipment you have and it will incorporate it into the workout. There is also a meditation workout.

At the beginning of this year I picked up Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. If you think you are in great shape after you put this video in you won't think so. She knows how to create an intense workout. There are 3 workout levels and each level has 3 circuit workouts. They get progressively more difficult. For the first time in my life I had a six-pack. I'm not lying, you can ask my husband! (You have to keep up the workout to keep the ripped tummy.) Get this video and you will be shredded.

For those that are pregnant, I did a Pre-natal yoga workout video throughout both of my pregnancies. I was fortunate to be healthy enough to do this. The video I got also had a post-natal workout to do with your baby. If you can tolerate interesting music (like the boyfriend plays in the movie Serendipity), then I would recommend it. If not, I still recommend it, just turn off the music. It is so relaxing to do Yoga while pregnant and even when your not.

Did you know that you can also check out workout videos at the library? Sometimes it is impossible to get out of the house. Maybe you have a sick kid, maybe the weather is yucky, maybe you don't have a spare moment until 10PM-having a workout video on hand when those days come up will be helpful. Pop in the video, do the workout, and fulfill your fitness goals for the day.

Your goal today is put one in (go to the library and get one if you have to or borrow from a friend) and do it! I'd love to hear which one you did and if you would recommend it.

There are so many videos out there. I'd love to hear what your favorite video workouts are.


  1. My Mom did Jane Fonda. I loved to "grapevine" with her. Another great DVD set is the Windsor Pilates set, I love those workouts.

  2. I think I have an old Jane Fonda. Ooh, I'll have to see if my library has the pilates workouts. I'd love to try them!


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