Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Start Sneaking FIT in

My secret to sneaking in exercise: isometric exercises. Isometric exercises are done without movement. It is a static (without movement) contraction that strengthens the muscles. Dynamic strength training is actually moving the muscle or lifting weights.

Isometric exercises are great if you are at a computer frequently or are not able to get up and move. I do them while blogging, sitting in the car, watching a show, just about anywhere.

You can read this article to find out more about isometric strength training.

I learned this while at San Diego State University in my Exercise Physiology class. My teacher, whose name escapes my memory, said that during car rides she would make a family game of isometric exercises.

She would say, "right quad!" and they would squeeze and hold for about 10 seconds. Then she would shout out a different muscle. I have never forgotten that and realized that you are never not able to do some sort of exercise, even on long car rides!
Now there's no more excuses!

Keep this in mind if you are traveling for Spring Break that is coming up. I'll remind you as it gets closer.

6 miles of bike riding with a trailer behind me carrying 2 kids = stong legs and healthy heart!

Hop on your bike to pick up your child from school or after dinner tonight take a family bike ride.

Don't forget to drink your water!

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