Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Motivation Tuesday

It's been a while since I did a Motivation post and my weeks have been crazy and I even put Motivation Monday in the title and realized, oh, it's not Monday. Wow...that's how weeks are sometimes.

Here's a little game to get you moving this week and FITting in those exercises. If you are on the go a lot with kids, your job, or anything else that keeps you on the road, this game is for you. I want you to squeeze your stomach as tight as you possibly can each time you come to a red light. Do that each day this week. Maybe you will even need a sticky note on your steering wheel to remind you. Make exercise work for you and it will make a difference. If you are home a lot choose a room, any room in the house. Each time you walk by, in, or out of that room do 10 push ups or other exercise of your choice or rotate between three exercises that target the trouble spots you'd like to focus on. Put a sticky note on the door to help remind you to drop and do 10. Hold yourself accountable.

Include your kids in the game with yoga poses for them or jumping jacks. They will love the attention and hopefully wear them down in the process for easier bedtime. Now that's worth a try, isn't it?!

FIT it in and feel great.

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