Monday, March 18, 2013

Motivation Monday

It's Monday, folks! Time to tie on those exercise shoes once again. Do you have an absolute favorite type of aerobic activity?

My favorite has changed throughout the years. It began with step aerobics. Still is considered one of my all time favs, as long as the teacher is upbeat, keeps me on my toes, and works me hard! I looked forward to going to this class. This was the beginning of branching out into other forms of exercise.
Yoga, spinning, hot pilates, running, and circuit training all entered into my favorite categories. Basically when I try a new form of exercise I instantly fall in love with it. That's just me.

Many of you out there might not get the same euphoria when thinking about or even while exercising.
This week, my challenge for you is to find a new form of exercise out there that you haven't tried yet and do it!

Boot Camps
...The others listed above...

Just get out there and move! Many gyms offer a trial membership or pay $5-15 to give it a try. It's totally worth it if it keeps you active and moving and excited about NOT sitting around!

The more you move, the harder it is to sit. The more you sit, the harder it is to move.

I'd like to hear what NEW type of activity you tried. Rock climbing, anyone??

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