Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Breaking Goals

Have you set New Year's resolutions this year? Have you already let some of them go by the wayside? Do you lose motivation because you missed one day?

We all do this. We are not 100% on all goals all the time. That's why when we stray from our goal we need to re-direct our actions or thoughts to get us back to that goal we set. All is not lost in one day. All is not lost in one hour. Just hop back on the goal wagon and think fresh. Before hopping back on, evaluate your goal. Is it too much change at one time? Is it too ambitious? Are you going to burn out quickly with your goal? Maybe you need to cut back on the time it takes to do that particular goal and choose every other day or even once a week to start.

Our goals could be anything under the sun. Maybe it's even reading more books. Do you have a specific number you want to read before years end, but are already behind? That's okay, just pick up a book, enjoy it, and maybe you need to scale back your ambitious goal to a lesser amount. While not every goal is "enjoyable", it shouldn't make you miserable or stress you out. That would be counter productive. Of course it should stretch us and make us better, but it shouldn't be a pain in the neck.

So, what my bottom line is, is this: Evaluate the goals you have set when you begin slacking off. Adjust them to a doable goal. It's okay to change it, it doesn't mean you have cheated. It means you are learning and discovering. That should be part of a goal, right? Then hop back on the goal wagon and continue on the journey. Wagons move slower than cars or airplanes and it's not a race. It's a learning journey and it won't be perfect, because we are not perfect. Make a rounder wagon wheel to go on a smoother journey, then hop back in.

Good luck with all your goals this year, whatever they may be.

CHALLENGE: Have you done burpees lately? They have to be one of the most miserable, yet highly effective exercise, out there. Try it out for 20 seconds at high intensity or 5-10 reps. Maybe just go until you can't wipe yourself off the floor! You will feel the burn in a matter of seconds. Enjoy!

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