Monday, May 24, 2010

Motivation Monday

If you are like me and have a scale addiction, you should put it away for about a week. Revisit your long lost love then and only once a day thereafter. I have to do this every so often. Even though I am just striving to maintain my weight, I know when I've overdone it and need to get back on track...either gain or lose. The scale is helpful in that regard.

That being said, a scale is a good motivator. If you don't like the number, you tend to try to eat healthier and exercise. AND that being said, the scale is not a good indicator of your overall health. Muscle really does weigh more than fat. As you gain muscle you will see the scale go up, but soon you will see the pant size decrease because muscle also is more compact and takes up less room than fat.

Do strength training at least 3 times a week to get that lean muscle working for you! Lean muscle, even when you are at rest, burns calories. Fat just sits there. Nobody likes that idea! We want our bodies to continue to keep working for us, even when we are at rest.

GOAL: Do strength training 3 times this week.

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  1. Kari you totally rock my world! I love this site you have made...I have a question for you...could you do a post on injuries? I WAS training for a 10k mudrun but 3 weeks ago I sprained my ankle and I am just now trying to start walking for exercise...I am not sure what to do for exercise when my ankle is still a little swollen and if I get it in the wrong position it still really hurts. Got any i was bummed so of course I over ate! ahhh I have problems! Love you friend! Keep up the awesome work!


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