Monday, March 29, 2010

Motivation Monday

Working out on my own gives me my space and alone time. Looking forward to the "adrenaline rush" after working out is motivation enough for me to get a workout in. To keep me going when I'm really working: MUSIC. It has a great effect on how quickly you move OR how slowly you move. With the wondeful invention of the iPod and other MP3 players, making workout playlists is so simple.

Depending on your workout of choice, whether it be running, spinning, walking, jogging, weight training, yoga, the music may vary slightly.

Fitness Magazine has playlist samples and the option to download their playlist from iTunes. Choose a workout and click Download Playlist. It's that simple. Enjoy an upbeat workout with appropriate music to keep you moving at a good pace to burn optimum calories.

My 5 miles run last Friday would have been so much better had I not forgotten my iPod Shuffle. Certainly the satisfaction of completing 5 miles was fantastic, but to keep me moving through moments when I wanted to stop, music would have been my best friend!

Get moving with you playlist and notice a dramatic difference in your endurance and mind set.

Goal: Continue your push-ups, abdominals, and bridges. Incorporate cardio such as jump rope for 10 minutes today. Don't have a jump rope-PRETEND! It works just the same.
ALSO, organize playlists for your endurance cardio workouts, weight training, or Yoga workouts.

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