Monday, March 22, 2010

Motivation Monday

How were those wall sits over the weekend? They work especially good when you are on the phone with a telemarketer...passes the time nicely, don't you think?

Continue on with your push-ups, abdominal exercises, and those squats I told you to incorporate in the previous post. Keep with it, I bet they're getting easier now. If they're too easy, start doing regular push-ups without the modification.

If you are seeing results with your strength that should be motivation to continue on and see what you can accomplish next. In a previous Motivation Monday post I encouraged you to try something new. Have you done it yet? Do you need motivation to try something new?

Ask around and find out what types of exercise or physical fitness others are involved in. They may be your "in" to trying that new activity. Join a cycling group, ask to join in on a group of runners, ask a friend to walk with you in the morning. Having others around you will motivate you and encourage you to continue doing an activity.

Motivation starts within you, but can be encouraged with those around you. That's what I hope this community to be as well; a place where you can come and find those who are trying to FIT it in their lives and feel great.

Start your exercises! Come back tomorrow for strengthening your CORE.

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