Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivation Monday

It's a new week, a new day, and start-ish of a new month.
I challenged you all to drink 64-80 oz. of water this month. If you haven't started, this morning is a good time to start. So far, I'm on track. It's good to have a community and place to have accountability to goals.

It's still really cold in many parts of the country, but where I am, we enjoyed a beautiful semi-warmer weather in the outdoors, running trails and hiking. My motivation stems from this wonderful weekend.

When the weather warms up, do you want to be ready for it? Do you want to enjoy your weekends and summer vacation on the beach, at the pool, hiking, climbing, canyoneering, cycling, mountain biking...whatever it is that you enjoy or are aspiring to enjoy? What are you doing to get to the point where you can do those things?

You can do those things. It takes a lot of TIME & PREPARATION, but it CAN be done.

Erase from your vocabulary "I Can't" or "Never". Those will only set you back. Instead, be proactive.
Even before my husband and I were "officially dating" I told him, "You make time for want you really want". He did! He got me, lucky man! Ha. You can get what you want too, make time for it. Find out what is eating your time, decrease those things that are not getting you to your goal.

Start today finding the time to be prepared for the warmer weather so you can enjoy it!

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