Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Still Around!

So, I'm back from a little family vacation. Much needed and much loved! We went out hiking and enjoyed the beautiful weather, surroundings, and fresh air.

I'm a huge fan of switching up workouts and I rip out workouts from Fitness Magazine and Health Magazine. Then I go through them and choose which workout I'm going to do that day. I have everything from full body strength, targeted areas for strength, and numerous cardio workouts. Switching up a routine will get you motivated to keep moving. I've started a different strength workout that I'm going to do for one month. I'll add some variations if my interest starts waning.

You can check out the workout here. Maybe you want to jump on board, too! Sign up and they'll send you a new workout every Monday. Awesome deal, huh?!

Happy working out.

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