Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fast Food Decisions

Summer break is only about a month away and that means traveling and taking kids to play areas to beat the heat. That also means fast food on the road and for a "get away afternoon" with the kiddos.

Fast food is a tricky thing because most of it really is not good for you. Here is a website that will help you make good decisions for yourself and your family while you are out.

Health Check Systems is a website that lists nutritional information from variety of restaurants. Keep the items you like in mind and find out what you are really eating. You might change your mind about your choice and you can try something new.

Another site has different restaurants including Noodles & Company, (I recommend the small Chinese Chop Salad-seriously good.) Baja Fresh, Panera Bread, Potbelly Sandwich Works, and other fast food joints.

Healthy Dining Finder will list the top healthiest menu items to choose from. You can search restaurants by your zip code and price, or search for a specific restaurant. Very useful if you know where you are going and want to plan your meal ahead of time. This is a good idea to avoid making last minute unhealthy choices.

Be wise in your choices. If you are going on a drive and you can get there in a day, you might want to make sandwiches at home, cut up some fruit, throw in some water, perhaps a snack bar or fruit leather instead of stopping to eat. You will not only save time, money, but also your health!

GOAL: Go to one or all of these links, find the restaurants you most requently visit and write down what meal you will eat there from now on based on a healthier choice. Keep this list in your purse or car for easy reference.

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